A Francis Henry Grice Daguerreotype Proposed to be Francis Henry Grice

[Unidentified man with chin whiskers, half-length portrait, facing front, with arm resting on book] | Library of Congress (loc.gov) Only a few men in the Grice Collection of 27 men sport chain watch fobs: Augustus Conant and Francis Grice were among them. Ironically, it was the recognition of the identities of Augustus Conant and Betsey Kelsey by Jillian Pariseault that started the quest for the identities of the others. Did Augustus or Betsey trigger the shutter for the image above? Did Francis or Augustus borrow the fob from the other?

For the back story, please see: Francis Henry Grice’s Daguerrean Views – Rod’s Ramblings and Ruminations (genevanotes.com)

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