Geneva City Council Set to Destroy Unspecified Audio Recordings of Pandemic Era Closed Sessions: Still More Emma’s Landing Cover-Up?

The Geneva City Council has audio tape destruction on its secret closed session agenda for November 7, 2022. Exactly which tapes are not specified. For example, the tapes of the closed sessions of February 2020 were up for destruction last March, but mysteriously that agenda item vanished without a trace.

The February 2020 audios contained discussions by the Council about its “comfort” with gifting of the Emma’s Landing parcel to the Burton Foundation. For reasons that remain shrouded, the gift was never bestowed even though the Illinois Housing Development Authority thought it was. This resulted in the Geneva project receiving bonus points that likely resulted in Geneva outscoring at least half of the competition. Geneva was one of the 22 winners out of 40 applicants.

The scant public details of all these shenanigans are described elsewhere on this site. Much of the secret activity of the Geneva Council occurred during the fog of war that accompanied the chaos of Covid. The Governor suspended the Open Meetings Act while advising that non-urgent matters be tabled. The Geneva City Council picked up the pace on Emma’s Landing and issued “Fact Sheets” that contained many pure canards.

All the tapes and documents related in any way to the now nearly complete Emma’s Landing Low Income Housing Tax Credit Project must be completely divulged. Any destruction of evidence while so many unresolved questions remain shall be viewed by history as an admission of guilt.

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