Francis Henry Grice Library of Congress Daguerreotype 1361, ca1844, Proposed to Depict Eliza Rebecca Robison Wells

The image on the left is cropped from the April 2002 issue of Wellesprings, the newsletter of the Welles Family
Association. Daniel Hanmer Wells, Father of the Utah Branch of our Family Microsoft Word – news02-04.doc ( The image on the right is cropped and horizontally flipped from the LOC Grice Daguerreotype Collection image number 1361. [Unidentified woman, half-length portrait] (

Eliza Rebecca (Robison) Wells did not accompany her husband to Utah or participate in his plural marriages. Following his flight from Nauvoo, she lived there for three years with her son, then moved to Minnesota when she became involved in an Episcopalian mission.

Daniel Hamner Wells (see: A Francis Henry Grice Daguerreotype, ca1844, Proposed To Be Daniel Hamner Wells, A Nauvoo “Jack Mormon” in 1844. He joined the Church in 1846. Wells Was Third in Command of the Utah Mormon Militia in 1856 Under George Smith and Brigham Young. – Rod’s Ramblings and Ruminations ( Note the similar brass surrounds of the two Wells images. This image is #1343, and the Barboza number is 6019.040. Eliza’s image is Barboza number 6019.041. However, the Daniel Wells image is one of three in the Grice Collection that appears like an example of a less contrast-intense imaging process such as an albumen print. Wells was 29 years old in the spring and summer of 1844. The man in this image appears to be older. Daguerreotypes are fragile and it is possible that the case was reused to frame a later image. Eliza was 24 years old in 1844.

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