Francis Henry Grice Library of Congress Daguerreotype 1365, ca1844, Proposed to Depict Lucy Mack Smith

The image on the left is a carte de visite albumin print copy of an earlier round Daguerreotype. See: Romig, Ronald E., and Lachlan Mackay. “Lucy’s Image: A Recently Discovered Photograph of Lucy Mack Smith.” Journal of Mormon History 31, no. 2 (2005): 61–77. The image on the right is cropped from the Library of Congress Grice Collection Daguerreotype 1365. [Unidentified woman, three-quarters length portrait, seated with left arm resting on table with tablecloth and book] | Library of Congress (
This is a quarter-plate Daguerreotype and is hand-colored, likely by Francis Grice. Very few images in the Grice collection were in the larger quarter-plate format and hand-colored. Note the black mourning dress.

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