Proposed Oscar Swan 100 Foot Stealth Monopine Cell Phone Tower Subject of Federal Court Lawsuit Against the City of Geneva

According to a complaint filed on August 8, 2022, in the UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE NORTHERN DISTRICT OF ILLINOIS, TOWERNORTH DEVELOPMENT, LLC has asked the Court to issue “…an injunction…ordering the City [of Geneva] to approve the Application and requiring that Defendant immediately issue, pursuant to Federal law, all approvals, necessary permits and authorizations for TowerNorth to immediately install a 100-foot stealth monopine tower, and associated infrastructure at the Oscar Swan location.”

The concept of stealth is certainly not foreign in Geneva’s City Hall. The City Council entered a secret session on August 8, 2022, citing exemption 11 of the Illinois Open Meetings Act to discuss the above complaint.

(11) Litigation, when an action against, affecting or on behalf of the particular public body has been filed and is pending before a court or administrative tribunal, or when the public body finds that an action is probable or imminent, in which case the basis for the finding shall be recorded and entered into the minutes of the closed meeting.

Almost all court legal actions are public documents when filed. In the usual “Geneva Way” not a single alderman asked that Genevans be informed of the nature of the litigation. The author submitted a Freedom of Information Act request on August 12, 2022, for any “filed and is pending” action. On September 13, 2022, the complaint below was received.

The “Geneva Way” of continuous abuse of Illinois’ sunshine laws is a threat to the natural rights guaranteed to all Genevans in this constitutional republic mentioned in the Pledge of Allegiance.

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