William Clayton, Mormon Scribe, Journalist, Businessman, Musician, and Composer of “Come, Come Ye Saints” as Captured by Francis Henry Grice in a Ninth-Plate Daguerreotype Miniature in Nauvoo, Illinois, in the Summer of 1844; Also, an Image of William and His Wife Ruth in Sixth-Plate Format

The image on the left is William Clayton at age 55, and the center image is also William Clayton at age 66, both from William Clayton – Biography (josephsmithpapers.org). The image on the right (cropped but not flipped) is proposed to be William Clayton at age 30 from [Unidentified man, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing front] | Library of Congress (loc.gov). Please note the ocular exotropia in the center and right images.

Come, Come, Ye Saints (churchofjesuschrist.org)

Grice Daguerreotype LOC #1385 proposed to be William Clayton and his wife Ruth, ca 1844. The “eyes” have it again.

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