LIHTC Funds Flowing Down the Drain at Emma’s Landing – Has the City of Geneva Acted Responsibly on Issues More Important than Money?

The left third of the above aerial photo taken March 21, 2022, is the northwest corner of Emma’s Landing. The right portion across the tracks is an industrial area in unincorporated Kane County. The “creek” along the tracks to the right drains to the south at a confluence through a large pipe and then directly into the Sterling Manor retention pond that abuts the Emma’s Landing site to the west. The tip of the pipe can just be seen to the left of the tracks. Precipitation falling on the gravel areas to the right is “undetained” according to a recent City of Geneva hydrological study. Thus, the only “management” of runoff is the limitation created by the pipe under the RR.
Now, please note the dark brown/black staining in the permeable gravel areas that contain apparently non-operative vehicles and trailers. Particularly examine the large dark stain just adjacent to the creek confluence and the tire ruts leading toward, but not past, the confluence. Also, note that the gravel is stained by tire tracks leading away from the large black stain. Stains such as these suggest petroleum-based chemical leaking/dumping.
Please examine this further yourself at:

The headwaters of Emma’s Creek
“No Dumping” => See above image.
This is what the headwaters of Emma’s Creek looked like in 2013. Please note the black splotches and plumes leading down toward the west branch to the confluence at the pipe. The Emma’s Landing site is an island, not a landing. The site is not walkable to basic goods and services, is surrounded by industrial brownfields, three railroad tracks soon to be even closer to buildings (noise, dust, and sub 2.5 diesel exhaust), retention plus detention ponds, and a wide vacant strip of land. This is “inclusion” under the “Geneva Way.”

One thought on “LIHTC Funds Flowing Down the Drain at Emma’s Landing – Has the City of Geneva Acted Responsibly on Issues More Important than Money?

  1. Thank you Rodney Nelson. That is not pure rainwater tracking on both ends of that culvert. There are advantages to being located in unincorporated lands. The photograph examiners who used grainier photographs to spot Soviet missiles in Cuba, which lead to the Cuban Missile Crisis envy the clarity of this photographic evidence. “Who do we see about this?” – George Clooney.


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