The Illinois Housing Development Authority as a LIHTC QAP Umpire and How the City of Geneva Duped Them at Emma’s Landing

Geneva’s Mayor and his minions received a free “preplay” “call” from an industry expert on how Emma’s Landing would score using IHDA’s Qualified Allocation Plan score sheet. They buried this preplay and used various forms of “stick em” (2494) Pitching Trick – Legal Stick Em For Pitchers – YouTube to defraud other applicants and Geneva voters and taxpayers.

From: Hume An
Sent: Monday, July 1, 2019 12:02 PM
To: DeGroot, David; Tymoszenko, Cathleen
Subject: Thank you and follow up
Hi David and Cathleen:
Thank you for taking the time to meet with me on Friday. I found the meeting highly productive. After the meeting, I had a chance to drive the sites you suggested, and I had a chance to score them based on IHDA’s 2019 application. I have strong interest in the two City-owned sites, particularly the site along the river (I believe it’s 306 Crissey). That site scores very well, and I think would be suitable for workforce housing. I also like the City-owned site on Lewis Rd. near
the townhome development. It scores a little lower as it’s a little further from amenities and public transportation, but I think it still scores pretty well. After the two City sites, I really like the site behind the Walgreens. I would love to explore how to advance discussions on the two City sites. What is the best way to do so? Should I send LOIs for the two properties? Would you like to set up a call to discuss further?
Hume An
Senior Vice President of Development [MVAH]
Upper Midwest Region

“Pretty well” may not have made the cut in an un-rigged process. Remember that IHDA announced Geneva/Burton as a “winner” but believed the site was donated to the Burton Foundation by Geneva’s taxpayers. The Mayor and City Council did nothing to disabuse IHDA of its mistaken belief. Or IHDA employed the “wink and nod” gambit that is deeply embedded in the “Geneva Way.” How long will the “Geneva Way” set the ethical standard for how we “play ball” in Geneva?

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