Geneva and the DEI Quandary

The Sudden Dominance of the Diversity Industrial Complex | RealClearInvestigations

Geneva City Council Agenda Item 4b for February 21, 2023: Consider Draft Resolution Authorizing the Acceptance of a Proposal from Ethos in an Amount Not to Exceed $20,000 for Stakeholder Facilitation to Create a Community Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Plan.

Does every person, family, organization, church, school, small business, and corporation need a DEI plan? Is any federal, state, county, or local government required by law to have such a plan? Does every entity need paid staff to implement/enforce such a plan? Unless all plans are identical, each of us may fall under the guidance of dozens of plans. Was the Geneva DEI expenditure in the budget?

Given that hundreds of thousands of causes are deemed worthy by at least some people, how does an ultralocal political micro-municipality of 20,000 people prioritize its funding? Does the City of Geneva have a policy on this DEI issue and a plan to audit the effectiveness of the tax money spent? Recently funding for the Geneva History Museum was held up by the lack of such a policy. The “feel good” test was decried as insufficient.

Affordability is a necessary, but not sufficient, characteristic of inclusive communities. But without affordability, all ethical questions are moot for those who cannot afford to enter and for those who cannot afford to stay in Geneva. How does this $20,000, plus the future expenditures needed to implement the resulting plan, advance Geneva’s affordability?

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